CZP Services

Champion Zen Project (CZP) provides a heightened level of service and project management for corporate and nonprofit organizations and high-profile individuals. Our artistry of blending project management techniques with zen methodology will simplify the complexities of projects, helping you eliminate unnecessary stress and get in touch with your inner self – your zen. Discover your zen and achieve your project goals in a stress-free, effective way.

We offer a full-service concierge, a “one-stop shop” to provide all the services you need because we know that your time, attention, and peace of mind are valuable.  Our wide range of services include business and executive coaching, managing the administration and logistics of your project, event hosting and coordination, time and budget management, evaluation of your return on investment, follow-up evaluations, exquisite interior and exterior design, and consultation in fashion, style, marketing, and public relations.

CZP brings a fresh perspective, a network of expert professionals, and more than a decade of experience to help execute CZP’s vision – and yours. We engage only the highest level of service providers, and we will coordinate with them to put you in a state of zen as we work closely with you to meet your project goals. As the facilitator between you and all of the professionals involved in accomplishing your project, we can be there for you from the beginning to end, or jump in the middle of an ongoing project.Relationships are important. We build ours on respect, trust and loyalty. At CZP, we form both successful, continuing business relationships and longtime friendships with our clients and network of professionals.

Think of us as your professional studio of artists and services, ready to paint your vision onto a canvas, and together, we will watch the unveiling of your masterpiece as it comes to life!

CZP will help you to develop core messaging about your firm that will communicate effectively throughout the legal community, bringing in prospective partners and clients.

Legal Marketing includes:

Networking events
Recruiting events
Other special events
Promotional materials
Public relations

The Zen Concept

Simple, intuitive, spontaneous, inspired – these are the foundations of our zen approach to handling legal assignments under the direct supervision of attorneys, legal marketing and project management. Handling your clients and practice, as well as planning and managing an event or project is stressful. Let CZP take these stresses off your shoulders, as we calmly and effectively help you deal with any challenges that might arise during the process. We give you peace of mind by handling the details and help you remain focused on your vision for the project. Our zen methodology encourages taking a step back to look at the project objectively in order to come up with real solutions, while simultaneously maintaining the original inspiration. With the calm, relaxed, and aware feeling of serene mindfulness that comes with being in a state of zen, anything and everything is possible.

A Professional Approach

Through formal education, training and experience in event planning, project management, legal and general administration, sales, design, marketing and journalism, we bring a professional approach to every project. We help ensure that your time is used wisely while we handle the intricacies and complexities involved in meeting your goals. The co-founders of CZP, Thavan and Doug, create an ideal partnership through shared values: meticulous attention to detail, a desire to help alleviate your workload and help others achieve their goals, a common sense approach, and a perfectionist streak. There is no team like CZP – our confidence, training, and experience will be your strengths as we help you plan and execute your project.

Thinking Globally

Thavan and Doug also bring a worldly vision to CZP. Having a multicultural background brings a deep appreciation and respect for traditions and etiquette. When dealing with projects of an international nature, we conduct research and educate ourselves beforehand to ensure that we have a necessary understanding of the culture. This is a crucial part of ensuring success abroad, and something that is sadly overlooked by too many businesses or ventures that try to cross international borders.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”
Leonardo Da Vinci