Legal Networking


CZP will help you to develop core messaging about your firm that will effectively target the legal community, clients, and relating companies and individuals.  Today, successful events require effective use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites, as well as targeted online publications and blogs, to create meaningful buzz – both before your guests arrive, and long after they’ve gone. With our consultation, you will gain the social media savvy needed to connect with these lines of publicity so that you are on the cutting edge of today’s marketing, networking and PR avenues.

We compliment our social media approach with outreach to traditional media sources, including print publications (depending on your event, this may include entertainment, style, or society magazines and publications, for example) and radio or television venues, if appropriate. CZP can also provide consulting on advertising needs and other marketing initiatives (mail campaigns, etc.) as needed to make your project a success.

Legal Marketing includes:

Networking events
Recruiting events
Other special events
Promotional materials and announcements
Public relations